Used Economizer Small Log Mill

Economizer Small Log Mill

Northwest US

Economizer Small Log Chip and Saw

Used Morgan Scragg Mill

Morgan Scragg Mill


Morgan Scragg Mill - 48" Blades Edger/Gang Rip - 20" Blades - will pass 7" Conveyors Everything is run by hydraulics. Needs 150 -200 HP Engine to run hydraulics on mill and 30 HP on edger.

Used Precision Scragg Mill

Precision Scragg Mill

Southeast USA

Precision Scragg Mill with Log Deck This mill has already been removed from service and is ready to ship. Hydraulic 36" blades 13" max diameter 12' long capacity 50HP twin Lincoln motors in saws

Used Cornell Scragg Mill

Cornell Scragg Mill


- Infeed and Outfeed - Positioning Rolls - Programmable CAD Setworks with 16-sets - 20' Log Deck - Sharp Chain - 5"min & 16" max diameter of log - Hydraulic unit included - Disassembled & can be ru...