Sell Us Your Machinery

Are you looking to sell your used machinery?

CMS will make selling your machinery an easy process. We will evaluate the equipment and go over options that best fit your needs. The quickest way to sell a machine is to provide CMS with some basic information: Make, Model, Year & Photos. If you are selling one machine or an entire plant, we offer the following options:

  1. Broker: We can sell the machine where it sits without having shipping and storage costs.
  2. Consign: CMS can arrange shipping and storage solutions if you need to move the machinery from the current location.
  3. Liquidation: CMS can sell the entire facility under one listing.
  4. Cash Buyout
  5. Auction: CMS works with a number of auction companies and can assist with your auction process.


CMS Office: 704-288-1904

Ralph Viegelmann - President


Jim Owen - Woodworking & Solid Wood Machinery


Willie Baldwin - Primary Sawmill, Pallet & Sharpening Machinery


Mike Hawkins - Woodworking & Panel Processing Machinery