Wanted Machines

CMS has customers looking for the following machines!

January 2022

Hog/Grinder - Horizontal Feed for sales coming off a sawmill

2-Head Resaw - Gas or electric power. Will be converted to line shaft

Moulder: 12" Weinig, Leadermac, SCMI or Kentwood

12" Single Head Resaw with Setworks

Moulder: Prefers Weinig, needs to be 120'+/minute jointed machine

Triple Pass Drum Dryer with Dust Burner: 24' or 32'

Whole Log Metal Detector: 32" Capacity

Holzma Rear Load Panel Saw

December 2021

Plywood Mill Equipment: Two Wood Boilers (250 & 500 HP), Veneer Conveyors from lathe thru Clipper, Plywood Press Multiscore, Doucet, Lauderdale Panel Rip Saw

Complete Sawmill - Scragg, Gang Rip, Trimmer...

Holtec Package Saw

Baker, Hannah, Go Fast, West Plains Double Notcher

November 2021

12" Moulder - Weinig, Leadermac, Kentwood

Datherm/Disa/Nederman Dust System - 20,000+ CFM

Rip Saw Infeed System - Cameron, Eagle, Raimann

Panel Rip Saw - Mutliscore or similar

52" Wide belt - 1-2 heads, Combi head

Verville or Premier Tech 4-Stage Bagger with Sealer

Altendorf F45 Sliding Table Saw

12" Moulder: Weinig, Leadermac, Kentwood

Rip Saw with 2-Moveable Blades

Holtec Package Saw

Double Notcher with Unscrambler

Pallet Band Dismantler20-40 Bay Lumber Sorter

Viking Turbo or Duomatic Pallet Nailer

Blue Diamond or Cone shaving mill

October 2021

Pendu 4600 Board Stacker

Weeke/Homag 5x12 CNC Router

Weeke/Homag ABD 050/060 CNC

Baker 3-4 Head Resaw

Tigerstop with Upcut Saw

NEVA Frame Saw

September 2021

Tie/Cant Stacker

Holtec Package Saw

Double Notcher - Baker, Morgan, West Plains, Hanna

Shaving Bagger - Verville, Premier Tech, Rethceif

Pallet Band Dismantler

Feed Thru Case Clamp - Comil, Homag, Ligmatech

5x10/12 FT CNC Router

Late model Edgebander with Premill - Homag, Biesse, Holz-her

End Dog Scragg Mill

20-40 Bay Lumber Sorter

Sawmill Carriage: 4 Head Block with drive and track

August 2021

Moulder infeed system

Smetco Stackers

Late model Homag or Biesse bander with premill & corner round

Holtec Package Saw

RUF Briquette Machine

Late model Biesse CNC Router

5-Axis CNC Router

Shoda NCW516 CNC Router

Homag (or similar) Softformer Edgebander

Case Clamp - Comil, Homag, Ligmatech

Homag 1440/Edgetech 300 Edgebander

Holz-her Sprint 1327/1329 Edgebander

Biesse Akron 1300/1400 Edgebander

Vorwood A12 Miter Lock Shaper 

July 2021

52" Widebelt Sander with Crossbelt

52" Widebelt Sander: 1- or two head machine

Dovetail Machines (2-3)

5 x 12 Cold Press with Infeed & Outfeed

60"+ Brush Panel Cleaner

Neva/Ogden Frame Saw

Trim saw: Must be able to cut 8" thick material

Cooper or Helle Scragg Mill

Morgan 1-2 Head Resaw

Pallet Nailer - Viking, GBN, Rayco, Pallet Chief, Rayco, Woodpecker

Sharp Chain Scragg Mill

Complete Sawmill - South to Southwest USA

Complete Millwork Shop - Moulder, Planer, Rip Saws

Horizontal Feed Grinder/Hog: Vecoplan, Weima, Cresswood, Jeffrey, Schutte

CNC Router: 5x12 Table with at least 11" Z travel

Cambio 30" Debarker

Morbark Tub Grinder in good running condition

Multiscore Panel Saw

Rethceif or Premier Tech Bagger

June 2021

Wright 350 Side Grinder

Holzma, Schelling, Biesse Rear Load Panel Saw

5x10 or 5x12 CNC Router with Loading & Offloading System

Disa, Dantherm, Nederman Dust Collection Systems - All sizes!

Northfield 4800 XY Door Machine (or similar)

May 2021:

Maximill or Micromill Sawmill

Complete Pallet Sawmill: Scragg, Edger, Trim Saw

Double Notcher with Unscrambler

Pallet Board Stacker

January 7, 2021:

Weinig U22 Moulder

SCMI M3 Gang Rip

Wood-Mizer LT300/4000/4500 Band Sawmill

January 5, 2021:

Sprout or California Pellet Mill (CPM) 400 - two mills!

Complete Sawmill for 16' logs

Complete Shaving Mill

24'-40' Triple Pass Drum Dryer with Webb Burner

Weeke/Homag or Biesse CNC Router with offloading table

Automatic Case Clamp

Weinig or Leadermac 12" Moulder

Raimann or Newman Whitney Rip Saw with Infeed

Marinus End Matcher

September 8, 2020:


CNC Router with Infeed & Outfeed System

September 4, 2020

Wood-Mizer or Timber Harvester Sawmill with Diehl or Electric Motor

Double Notcher: Baker, Hanna, Smart, West Plains

August 25, 2020:

Gannomat Concept 70 (or similar) Clamp

Complete Shaving Operation

August 4, 2020:

Pallet Cut Up Line: Brewer or Pendu with Saw, Infeed, Outfeed, Unscrambler, Stops...

Baker 4-Head Resaw - Prefer Model C with Return

July 30, 2020:

Homag, Brandt or Holz-her Bander: Premill, Corner Round, 2014 or newer

Chip Screen: Minimum of 5x8

Triple Pass Drum Dryer with Webb Burner

July 23, 2020:

Optimizing Rip Saw Infeed: Cameron, Mereen Johnson, Raimann...

Spray booth with exhaust system in NC or SC

12" Moulder: Weinig, Leadermac, Kentwood

July 21, 2020:

Ritter Boring Machine - (2) Rows

July 13, 2020:

Vertical Cold Press for Parquet Flooring

July 10, 2020:

Horizontal Ring Wrapper: Need to be able to wrap parts <20" and wide and >24" long.

Weinig Rondomat 960 Profile Grinder

Weinig Powermat 400/500

43" or 53" 1-2 Head Sander

July 8, 2020:

18" Raimann Rip Saw or 24" Mereen Johnson with at least (1) moveable blade

Holz-her or Biesse Edgebander with Pre-Mill

July 6, 2020:

Pallet Band Dismantler

5'x12' CNC Router: Older Model is OK

July 2, 2020:

Case Clamp - Good condition

Rear Load Panel Saw

Morbark PS8 Post Peeler

48" Cut Off Saw for Pole Plant

Boiler - 800 HP, 150 PSI

July 1, 2020:

Weinig Powermat 400/500

43" or 52" 2-Head Wide Belt Sander

5x10 CNC Router (2014 or newer)

Newman LS1044 Shaving Mill

Single/Double Head Pallet Notcher

Pallet Bandsaw Dismantler

June 2020 and prior:

Delle Vedove or Makor Moulding Stacker

Complete Flooring Line/Facility

Weeke/Homag 5x10/12 CNC with Loading/Offloading

Unique 250 (or similar) Door Machine

Verville/Premier Tech Shaving Bagger

Rethceif Shaving Bagger

Raimann or Mereen Johnson Gang Rip

Chip/Shaving Screen

Biesse, Weeke Boring Machine

12" Moulder - Weinig, Leadermac, Kentwood

Webb Burner - 10-20 MM BTU

Drum Dryer - Triple Pass

Lumber Dip Tank

Cleereman Lumber Pro Sawmill

Weeke ABD 050/060

Cooper Scragg Mill

Baker 12" Resaw

Superfici or Cefla Flat Line