Used Sanborn Trim Saw

Sanborn Trim Saw

Northeast US

- 4' - 24' Capacity (26' pass) - 8" Thickness capcity - Saw every 2' - Infeed and outfeed deck Owner thinks it is a Sanborn, but there are no tags anywhere on the machine. Everything is in good wo...

Used Newman KM16 Trim Saw

Newman KM16 Trim Saw

Southeast USA

Includes (4) more motors not shown.

Used Newman KM16 with Infeed Deck

Newman KM16 with Infeed Deck

Southeast USA

This machine is available immediately. - 4-Head machine - One head is not connected to power. - 7.5 HP Motor on each saw - Infeed chains are good - Outfeed conveyor is good. Scrap conveyor needs t...

Used Brewco Tie Trim Saw

Brewco Tie Trim Saw


- 2-Saw System - Cut-off up to 20' long material - 25 HP Motor on each saw - Waste Conveyor (Needs belt)

Used 2018 Go Fast Double End Trim Saw

2018 Go Fast Double End Trim Saw


This system was last run about 1-year ago. 480V- 3 phase, both ends are movable. Manufacturer specs (to be confirmed): - 20" Blades - 10 HP Blade motors - 5 HP Arbor motor - 1 HP Infeed motor - 1...

Used Newman Whitney Trim Saw

Newman Whitney Trim Saw

Southeast USA

Newman Whitney 3-Saw Trimmer