Used Newman SS24 Shaving Mill

Newman SS24 Shaving Mill

South, USA

Newman SS 24 Vibrating Infeed Conveyor Knife Grinder

Used 2008 B&C Shaving Mill

2008 B&C Shaving Mill

Southwest USA

This B&C Shaving mill is in working/running condition according to the seller and is ready to load! There are hydraulic units with this. There is a cylinder on the shaver infeed box that moves the ...

Used Newman SS 24

Newman SS 24


These machines were purchased new and removed from the current production line for a large hammermill. Ready to load. No conveyor available. - Newman SS24 - Two machines available. - 100 HP Motor ...

Used Salsco 40" Shavings Mill

Salsco 40" Shavings Mill

North Carolina, USA

40" Salso Shaving Mill still under power 127HP Cat-turbo diesel (3) conveyors ; 15" x 10', 15" x 20' & 30" x 30' Around 2000 hrs

Used Salsco Woodchuck Shaving Mill

Salsco Woodchuck Shaving Mill


The seller has confirmed that this Salsco shaving mill is in very good working/running condition. It was manufactured sometime in the mid 1990's. 20HP Woodchuck mill Gas *dimensions: 18 ft 6 inche...

Used Salsco 40" Shavings Mill

Salsco 40" Shavings Mill


2008 Salsco 40" shaving mill 400 Hours on build, 130 HP CAT Engine that has app PTO less than 100 Hours Indexable carbide head made by IME, which will produce a smaller shaving than the blades Hydr...

Used Salsco SC12 Chipper for Animal Bedding

Salsco SC12 Chipper for Animal Bedding

Wisconsin, USA

This machine was run daily and in good working condition. Seller is getting a bigger machine. 75 HP Main Motor (runs rotor and hydraulics) 25' Infeed Conveyor Produces 2-3 tons per hour Unit has ap...

Used Custom Built Shaving Mill

Custom Built Shaving Mill

South, USA

This plant has shut down and all machinery is available immediately. Infeed log deck with merchandizer Log trough to shaving mills with individual log decks and log pushers (2) Shaving Mills Each m...