Big Jake Complete Scragg Sawmill


South, USA

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ManufacturerBig Jake
ModelComplete Scragg Sawmill
Stock Number010817


The listing is for all equipment at a closed sawmill. Everything is ready to be moved ASAP.

  • Timberline big Jake scragg
  • 48” front saws
  • 36” back saws all inserted tooth blades.
  • 10’ capacity 
  • 60ft infeed with step loader for mill
  • Crosby edger 6x36
  • Dead indeed live outfeed
  • Numerous belts conveyors.
  • Home made 3 blade flat edger power infeed and outfeed.
  • 50 ft barn sweep.
  • The different log decks one with stop and load.
  • Several descramblers.
  • Bandit whole tree chipper needs motor. Has 800 hours on it was wrecked and only damaged motor and cab a little.
  • 410 printice loader with self propelled carrier. New motor. A lot of misc electric motors, belts and other parts.