2010 Barberan KB series Printing Line


North Carolina



ModelKB series Printing Line
Serial Number17549 model kb-3-p-1400
Stock Number008389


This system is still in service, however it is no longer needed for the seller's applicaiton. System has low usage and can be demonstrated under power with short notice.

Manufacturer specs (to be confirmed):

  • Barberan KB-3-P-1400 3-Head Printing System
  • Machine developed to print natural wood, marble or other decorative designs on top of flat surfaces. The machine has three printing heads, which allow using engraved rollers of a definite diameter. The heads are sychronized to print 3-color designs.
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Headway: 90 mm
  • Roller Diameter: 3 x 330 mm
  • Counter pressure roll diameter: 3 x 245 mm
  • (3) HOK 1400 mm Curing Tunnels: each has (1) mercury UV lamb w/turbine air flow cooling place behind each printing head