Cefla UV Profile Spray Line



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ModelUV Profile Spray Line
Stock Number007791


This line has been taken out of production and is ready to be removed from the current location. Belt hopper feeder Denibbing unit S3S Belted UV spray unit with Fluid Management.  Pumps and guns included. UV Oven (Mercury Lamps) Automated Cross Transfer Outfeed Item 1 Belt Conveyor with Letterbox Delle Vedove Model VMN 2000/LB transfer conveyor for manual loading of product into finishing system in-feed hopper system accommodate stacked parts, to assist in the manual loading process Item 2 Brush Denib Sanding Machine Delle Vedove Model Brushtech 4 rubber conveyor belt variable adjustable speed from 20 to 50 m/min. (66 to 164 fpm) adjustable upper hold-down devices machine is equipped with four (4) wheel units (one (1) right, one (1) left, and two (2) top) 900 rpm brushing speed horizontal and vertical wheel unit adjustment by means of slide equipped with a dust extraction hood for each brushOptions included drive system of each brush is upgraded with variable speed capabilities (300 to 1200 rpm) Item 3 In-Line Ultra Violet Spray Machine (MS # 10223 – Stock) Cefla Model NW4 provides automatic three side application of ultra violet material to work piece photo-eye sensor activates intermittent spraying operation to improve transfer efficiency each spray gun is independently controlled and set-up (one (1) air circuit for each gun), enabling full application flexibility intake air filtered by dry air filters to minimize dust contamination overspray recovery and exhaust air/coating separation system designed to retard emission of U.V. material to outside atmosphere stainless steel overspray collection and recovery tank easily removed for cleaning purposes transport system includes an in-feed and out-feed conveyor belts and powered fixed position rollers through the application chamber fixed positions rollers through application chamber are removable for ease of cleaning variable conveying transport speed Item 4 Ultraviolet Curing System for Profiles (MS # 10224 – Stock) Cefla Model TLFP 3/100/2 INF provides direct emission of UV radiation, which is utilized in the curing of UV-cured coating materials three (3) high-intensity Ultraviolet curing lamps for top side curing two (2) lower mounted UV curing lamp with fixed power of 100 W/cm, 250 mm long, placed crosswise UV lamp power supply is infinitely variable from 80 to 120 W/cm (200 to 300 watts/in) and is manually set and displayed at the control board UV lamps are equipped with shutters and half-power switching to close irradiation zone in the event of line stoppage lamps and conveyor area cooled by filtered air flow chrome bar conveyor with variable speed drive has infeed and outfeed roller sections Item 5 Semi-Automated Unload Unit Delle Vedove Model TR-OUT unit designed to semi-automatically unload linear profile work pieces three (3) transfer arms support a range of work piece lengths belt feed section with variable speed drive unloading arms with PVC coated belts Manufacturer Cefla Model UV Profile Spray Line Year Machine Location Midwest Other Similar Machines New Cefla Prima Sprayer Col-Met 9.5 x 16 Spray Booth Delle Vedove CVS/3 Giardina Roll Coat Line Custom Built 3-Gun Linear Sprayer Superfici Compact Spray Makor UV Line for Mouldings Custom Built Tow Line w/ Paint Booth & Oven Unknown Finishing System Complete Operation Powder Coating Room FK System Spray Machine with Dryer Complete finish line! 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