2023 Baileigh WR-84V CNC Router



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ModelWR-84V CNC Router
Stock Number011111


Baileigh WR-84V, 220V 1 Ph, 7.5HP CNC ROUTING TABLE

with Cyclone DC2100C Dust Collector 3hp 

Shipping Weight 3000lbs Actual Working Area 97" x 48"
Spindle 7.4hp Z Axis Stroke 5.375" Maximum Moving Speed (Inches Per Minute) 590
Maximum Engraving Speed (Inches Per Minute) 590 Reposition Accuracy 0.0019
Tool Diameters ER32 Power 220V Single Phase
Length 118" Width 78" Height 65" Weight (lbs) 2500
Table Style T-Slot with Vacuum Option

4x8' Table w/ Perfect for solid wood processing, making closet doors, furniture, signs, and much more. 0 to 18,000 rpm variable spindle speed range.

 7.4 hp spindle has the power to cut hardwoods quickly and precisely.

Spindle is air-cooled to prevent overheating, prolong the machine’s lifespan, keep it producing high-quality cuts.
15,000 mm per minute maximum engraving or travel speed.
 Solid steel gantry can tackle hardwoods at high speeds without flinching.
 Stepper motors with square rails ensure smooth movement along the X, Y, and Z axes.
 Use the handheld digital controller to move the spindle, adjust the speed, and go through your design.
 Comes standard with software that allows you to set up almost any kind of design. (Details below.)
 Upload your cut pattern to the table with a USB drive.
 Rack and pinion mechanism holds up over long periods of heavy use and allows for more fluid and precise movement than a ball and screw mechanism.
 4 collets accept any standard tooling profiles with ⅛”, ¼”, 3/8", and ½” bit sizes.
 Includes 10 different tooling profiles.
 Steel T-clamps hold the material down on the table to reduce vibrations and prevent errors.
 Table is pre-plummed 4 vacuum zones, each with a separate valve and handle, ready to accept optional 7hp vacuum pump. 
 Extremely rigid steel structure reduces vibrations and helps the table stay accurate for years.

 Dust shroud covers the spindle and vacuums out sawdust and wood chips while you’re cutting.