2017 Eagel RF Door Assembly Clamping Machine



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ModelRF Door Assembly Clamping Machine
Stock Number010994


Maximum Assembled Product Size: 37.5” x 98”

Minimum Assembled Product Size: 11.375” (vertical) x 9.75” (horizontal) with spacer

blocks 7.5” (vertical) x 5.5” (horizontal)

Maximum Framing Width: 4”

Minimum Framing Width: 1.5”

Tubular Steel Frame

THK Linear Bearings and Rails

(1) Allen Bradley Compact Logix PAC

(4) Allen Bradley Kinetix Servos and Drives

a. (1) Vertical Beam

b. (1) Horizontal Beam

(2) On the Upper Right Hand Clamp to ensure that uniform pressure can be applied

regardless of the cut accuracy of the frame parts

(1) Hoffman Upright Enclosure

Allen Bradley Control Components (Push Buttons, Relays, Power Supplies, Buzzer, etc.)

(1) Hoffman Air Conditioner for Electrical Enclosure

EMS Press Control/Server Communication Software Package

(4) Tregarne Woodwelder with Production Gun