Wood-Mizer TVS Sawmill


Northeast US

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ModelTVS Sawmill
Stock Number008951


Complete Wood-Mizer TVS line for sale.

System includes:

  • (2) Log decks. I think one of them was made for the system and has a broken drive that froze up. They have a flat deck hooked up to it now and he said it works fine.
  • 1st TVS Line with setworks and slab conveyor
  • Log/cants turner
  • 2nd TVS Line with setowrks and slab conveyor
Also available (pics and price info coming):
  • Elevated board conveyor (approx 20'-24') to lumber deck
  • Lumber deck that ran to gang rip
  • 2-Head 2015 WM Resaw

Wood-Mizer Industrial Sharpener & Setter