1990 RUVO Pre Hung Door Machine


Northwest US

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ModelPre Hung Door Machine
Stock Number008660


This system is still in production and ready to be removed from service.

  • Machines interior and exterior doors; machine designed for residential, commercial & architectural door manufacturing where flexibility is important. 
  • Machines door or door & hinge jamb; cylinder lock/deadbolt and latch drilling is automatic; power feed sizer/beveler with air routers to ease corners; allows straight or beveled hinge style; hinge and faceplate mortise templates are built-in and mortising is manual; hinge locations are infinitely adjustable. 
  • Features: Routes doors and jambs at same time. Drills for handle with a push of a button.
  • Capacity: 6'-8" to 8' Door height, width 1'-6" to 4', thickness 1-3/8" - 1-3/4" thick; hinge sizes 3-1/2" to 5" with 1/4" or 5/8" radius; jamb width 1-1/4" to 10" and to 8' length, lock backset as required; beveled or straight stiles; latchplate 1-1/4" to 8". 
  • EXF is asking $18k for the machine. Machine size is approx.18' X 3' X 7', weighs about 3,200 Lbs.