1981 Weinig Hydromat 22 BL with R931 Grinder



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ModelHydromat 22 BL with R931 Grinder
Stock Number008640


Weinig H22 BL (Jointed) with Feed Table

Included: 1988 Weinig R931 Grinder

Both machines in good working condition and serviced regularly.

Moulder is a Weinig H 22 BL made in 1981. It’s 480v 60 hz 3PH

7 head, 8-11/16” by 4-11/16” capability

Sequence is: Bottom (manual jointed), Right, Left (manual jointed), Right (hydraulic jointed), Top (manual jointed), Top (manual jointed), Bottom (hydraulic jointed)   note: hydraulic jointed are pneumatic actuated.

Outboard bearings on heads 1, 5, 6 and 7.

50 mm diameter spindles run at 6480 RPM.  

Variable speed hydraulic feet table included

Auto Waxilit pump

Motorized feed beam

Roughly 40-50 heads included (around half of pictured heads, we haven’t sorted them yet)

120v digital encoder counter attached.

120v safety light curtain included

High Precision Profile Grinder is a Weinig Rondamat R 931 made in 1988. It’s 220v 60 hz 3PH

Tilting head

Variable speed 500-3000RPM

Handles heads up to 9- 1/16” long and 3-1/2” to 11-1/2” diameter

1-3/16” arbor- 9” arbor length

Max grind wheel diameter 8-1/2”

Radial clearance angle 10-30 deg.

Includes coolant pump and reclamation system

Designed to hold a .000196 tolerance

Attached LED work light

Comes with 1- 40MM arbor, 2- 46MM arbors and 5 clamping flanges