Complete Operation Complete Flooring Mill


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ManufacturerComplete Operation
ModelComplete Flooring Mill
Stock Number008579


Complete Operation for sale...more info available upon request.

System includes:

Rough Mill

  • Infeed chain deck
  • Tilt hoist and unscrambler
  • Feed deck feeding single boards to the rip line lugs
  • Moisture check and kicker system
  • LICO high speed optimizing rip system
  • Five moving blades
  • 65,000 bd ft per 8 hour shift
  • Auto batch feeder built by LICO
  • OSI top and bottom self centering planer, high speed and high HP
  • 80’ four chain sorting chain deck
  • DISA Dust collection system
  • 125 HP wood waste grinder, Vecoplan with vibrating infeed conveyor

Flooring Line

  • Infeed chin deck
  • Joulin vacume feeding full rip strip courses onto the later chain deck
  • Doucet hydraulic lateral chain deck moulder feeder
  • Leadermac/Kentwood Nine head high speed jointed moulder: BTBRL-RL Opposed- BT (face up system)
  • Crayon marking system feeding two Ultimizer high speed chop saws
  • Doucet high speed GPS End Matcher
  • 40’ inspection conveyor
  • Mekanika 4 station three tier nesting system automated to auto strapping and unit stacking.
  • Pnefamil 100 HP dust system

Finishing Line: More info coming.