2008 CF Nielsen BP-5500 Briquette



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ManufacturerCF Nielsen
ModelBP-5500 Briquette
Stock Number008560


Nice CF Nielson BP5500 Press. The plant shut down in 2014. The machine was run again for a test in 2016 and everything was in good working condition. They have the dies and pistons to make round and octogonal logs. - Briquetting press CF Nielsen BP5500 - Dies to make 3’’ round logs and 2½’’ octogonal logs - Lignin dosing system - Water pump to add water if material too dry - Home-made automatic speed adjustment with encoder. - Briquette breaker from CF Nielsen at the end of the cooling line - Home-made flying saw with lenght asjustment at the end of the cooling line too with capability to switch from the saw to the breaker. - Can run up to 1200kg (even 1400kg I think) per hour depending on material and briquette shape - Cooling line can be opened to make pucks also. - 575V AC motors - Installed in 2008 - 10,865 hours