2008 Italpresse


central USA



Stock Number008448


These units were purchased for a specific project and never put into production. Two of the machines have very low hours and the other two were only tested. They are stored in a temp controlled environment. One left side operated machine and 2 right side operated machines. Ready to load! 

There are (3) systems available at this time.

  • Italpresse Model PM/DE/25-13

MFG Specs (to be confirmed):

  • Platen Dimensions: 2500 x 1300 mm (98" x 51")
  • Loading side: 2500 mm (98")
  • Loading height: 915 mm (36")
  • Daylight Opening Range: 500-100 mm (19.6-3.9")
  • Number of double acting press cylinders: (6)
  • Cylinder piston diameter: 100 mm (3.94")
  • Down acting cylinder stroke: 400 mm (15.75")
  • Maximum thrust: 90 Metric tons (99 US tons)
  • Maximum specific pressure on a 950 mm x 2250 mm mold: 4.2 kg/cm2
  • Integrated high pressure hydraulic pump
  • (4) Spring loadede roller rails in the lower platen for easy loading of molds
  • Four corner rack and pinion systemto maintain platen parallelism
  • Advancement form one pressure step to the next is by push button control
  • Press opening is by push button control
  • Press closing requires two push buttons for safety
  • Seller has all paperwork and keys for the control boxes