Universal Nail Mate 2


Tennessee, USA



ModelNail Mate 2
Stock Number007612


The seller is upgrading to a faster machine. Selling as a package Universal Machinery Nail Mate 2 4-Stringer setup,

1-man operation, uses corrogated nails, automated stacker, produce approx (400) pallets per day.

Footprint is approx 53' long x 12' wide.

Less than 1500 hours on the machine.

You can build 2 and 4 way pallets. 

You can build 500 pallets in 8 hour days 

The nail mate utilizes 1000 coil nails. 

The machine accepts nails adapted to your nail guns which is typically 1-3” in length. 

Makes 65x72" pallets can go as small as 21" according to seller

Atlas G20 15 HP compressor Pallet Roll Tracks