Wadkin NNV Profile Grinder



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ModelNNV Profile Grinder
Stock Number007863


This machine is no longer needed at the current facility.  Ready to load. Wadkin NNV-C Profile Grinder


Specification VISAGE - With bilateral linear action providing profiling and straight knife grinding up to a max of 335 mm.

Will shape and regrind moulder knives in the block and profile grind solid tipped heads.

Suitable for HSS, Stellite and TCT.

Max length of cutter profile 335 mm. Max dia of cutting circle 350 mm. 

Includes arbor, grinding wheel, stylus, etc. 

*Also included Carriage locks; Washdown facility.

  • per seller: Arbor on the machine itself is 1 1/4" we have a spacer we use on grinding wheels if we need to adapt them to our size arbor. Yes there is a dresser on the machine.