Complete Operation Flooring UV Line


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ManufacturerComplete Operation
ModelFlooring UV Line
Stock Number007693


This operation has been shut down.  All equipment is available for inspection and will need to be removed by the buyer.  Oldest equipment is from 2004.  Many pieces have been upgraded.  More pics and info coming. Inventory list includes Infeed chain with elevator Variable infeed adjusts to spped of line. Mekanika Strap Saw and Press  Holds bundles against the saw and cuts straps. Mekanika Infeed Table Sets the run rate and panel width.  Controls flow into the sander. Mekanika Infeed Roller Transfers panels of wood into the sander. DMC Sander 53" Machine Top and Bottom Sander, 50-65 FPM Dubois Shaker Table Separates indivdual pieces of the panel to ensure dust free workpiece. Coater - Double Apllication Roller (2014) Two machines, Direct drive roller application system that allows wet to wet and multiple coatings to be set up at one time which allows for faster changeovers.  Adjustable height coaters that allow production variations from 1/8" - 2". Dubois Stain Brush Station  Adjustable speed nylon/boar hair brushes used to promote even coating coverage. Miltec/Dubois UV Stations(2011) Three units. Adjustable height and powered UV lighting assembly used to cure coatings.  Units can be used as a full cure (all layers) machine or a B staged cure machine. Dubois Jet Air Tunnel Natural gas powered forced air tunnel to maintain board surface temperatures to control gloss and adhesion. Dubois Denibber Two machines.  Adjustible oscillating brush used to scuff the surface of the product to prepare fo rthe next coating application.  Only required after full UV cure. Dubois Reverse Fill Roll Coater Chain driven application roller with reverse fill roller allowing coatings to penetrate the open grain of certain species and give product a smoother finish.  Adjustable height coaters allow product from 1/8" - 2". Miltec/Dubois UV Station (2011) Three machines.  Adjustable height and powered UV lighting assembly used to cure coatings.  Units are only used as a B staged cure (single layer). Dubois Coater Chain driven application roller used to apply various types of coatings to the product. Dubois Denibber Adjustable oscillating brush used to scuff the surface of the product to prepare for the next coating application.  Only requires use after a full UV cure. Dubois UV Station (2011) Unit is used as a final cure (all layers) and has direct effect on gloss. Insepction Conveyor Solid conveyor used to inspect product, remove defexts and re-insert end matched pieces into the panel, which allows panels to be sent to the packing stations.  55'6" Long x 5' Wide. Mekanika Outfeed Bridge Three machines.  Carries product to the individual packing stations based on a repetitive pattern that is controlled by sensors. Mekanika Outfeed Accumulator Three machines.  Unit folds boxed and allows the accumulation of several boxes at each station before being transferred to the box stacker. Dynaric Strapper Station Three machines. These units seal the finished box with one nylon strap per machine for a total of three straps. Mekanika Labeling Station New printer in 2017. Applies product label to boxes. Mekanika Outfeed Stacker Hydraulic and pneumatic controlled elevator and stacking system that counts the number of boxes needed per lift and allows for final product labeling and seuring of the lift for shipping. Doucet End Matcher (2008) Used to cut out defects in individual boards and recreate the tongue, groove and bevelin each individual board. Includes Spare parts room