Weeke Vantech 512 CNC


Southeast USA



ModelVantech 512 CNC
Stock Number008105
Voltage480V, 60Hz, 3Ph


This machine is still in operation and ready to be removed from service. Weeke Vantech 512 with Concept #3 Throughfeed Automation Matrix 5' x 12' Table Divided into 5-vacuum quadrants, 3700 mm x 1550 mm Workpiece max thickness 100 mm 40 HP Vacuum Pump Spindle HSK63 9.0 kW (12 HP)  spindle motor that includes an automatc tool change feature in combination with the tool change magazine, 1250-24000 RPM ATC HSK63 Tool holders with (13) tool places Boring Block 12-Spindle Vertical Block Automatic loading device Gantry mounted vacuum appartus for automatically loading. Scissor Lift for positioning material for automatic loading Concept #3 handling package with 5,000 lbs capacity, automatically brings the bunk of material to the proper elevation for loading. Pre-labeling System Barcode printer and automated labeling system Out Feed System Gantry mounted push off device to outfeed conveyor Simultaneous Onload and Offload Power Control PC85T with WoodWop