2018 CME Millennium R 150 Pellet Mill



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ModelMillennium R 150 Pellet Mill
Stock Number011098


Pellet Mill CME Model Millennium R150 (200 H.P.)

R 150 Roll Assembly Narrow 

R 150 1872 Stainless Steel Conditioner 

Stainless Heavy Duty Force Feeder 

Stainless Feeder 

PM 8300 Lubricator 

R 150 Magnet 


Dryer and Feeding System 


Drying System ( Chips & Saw Dust Dryer ) 1 Ton/Hour Capacity with Infeed System ( Can Be Double )

Bimass Burner System

Rotary Drum and Air Discharge Fans & Controls 

Feed Bin ( Take Material from Dryer off Shoot and Feeds to grinder)

Mulch Dump Station ( Dump Hopper for 3 yard Bucket) 

Bagging Line2, Double Ended Conveyor with Bulk Bag Scale and frame one End and Pellet Hopper and 10-100 lbs bag filler ( Manual ) 

End Bagging Table and Heat Sealer for Poly Bags 

Includes 1 End of Line Conveyor from Pellet Mill Cooler 

55 H.P. Wood grinder with Cyclonic Blower to Silo, 

Takes Chips 1” Minus Under 12% Moisture ¼” Screen 

Feed Silo For Wood with Intergrated mixing Arm and Two Auger Ports for Outfeed to Mill 

Triple Headed Roller Set with High Heat Bearings and hardened Steel Rollers 

Automatic Greasing System for Main Bearings for the Rollers and Shaft 

Auxillary small Feed Bin Hopper with Intergrated Gear Driven Mixer and Feed auger