2005 Comil CF 2000 Feedthrough Case Clamp



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ModelCF 2000 Feedthrough Case Clamp
Stock Number011095


Minimum working height: 11.81"

Maximum working height: 48.03"

Minimum working length: 11.81"

Maximum working length: 98.42"

Minimum working depth: 9.84"

Maximum working depth: 39.37"

Workable table height: 19.68"

After preassembly operator starts movement cycle -Dimensions of the cabinet which are fed into the machine are detected by the photocells and transmitted to the PLC, which controls positioning and automatic clamping of the horizontal pressure bars on the unit-holder beam. -Vertical clamping section positions in the same manner -When the cabinet has reached the horizontal contact units it is held in perfect alignment and the pressing cycle starts as set by the program -At the end of the cycle the horizontal cross beams are raised to allow the clamped cabinet to be removed and to allow the next cabinet to enter

All the controls are located on the machine

Timing of the clamping cycle is programmable

PLC controls the reading of the dimensions of the parts and the positioning of the motor driven parts

The machine can be used in automatic or manual mode

Modification of the cycle starting function, feed-stop, resetting and emergency functions can be activated by means of push-buttons

Overall machine dimensions: 18` long x 6-1/2` wide x 12` tall -Machine weight: 6,400 lbs