2020 Tiger Stop TSS 1000 Optimizing Saw



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ManufacturerTiger Stop
ModelTSS 1000 Optimizing Saw
Stock Number011026


Automated push feed saw system for fast and accurate cutting of wood and plastic

Adjustable cutting envelope so you can set the envelope to the needed width of the material you are cutting, whether single piece or pack

Tigersaw 1000's Dynamic Optimization software give you the best yield by determining the optimal cutting order from your parts list (Will cut the mark)

Value based optimizing allows the operator to value items in a cut list individually

Download parts files to Tigersaw 1000, comes with TigerLink 6 (Tigerstop's cut list downloading software)

Accuracy: +/- .012"

Push capacity: 90 lbs.(on flat tables)

Cutting envelope with 450 mm blade: 1" x 16" up to 5" x 6"

Cutting envelope with 500 blade: 1" x 16" up to 6" x 6"

Maximum clearance length for loading: 12'

Material feeds right to left

24" wide x 18' long flat infeed table

24" wide x 12' long roller outfeed table

Complete guarding of the saw blade area, safety interlocked guard door and saw blade door (neither can be opened while running)

Saw motor: 10 hp

Dust collection requirements: 600 cfm (4" dust port)

Air requirements: 85 psi (water and oil free air)

Electrical: 15 full load amps on 460 volt


Tablet package: TigerTouch software loaded onto a Surface Pro tablet. Includes downloading software (DNLD), Dynamic optimization software (OPT), and TigerSET software (SET).

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