2011 Schelling FH 8 Rear Loading Panel Saw with Panel Turning



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ModelFH 8 Rear Loading Panel Saw with Panel Turning
Stock Number010983



169" (4,300 mm) Rip Cutting cap.; 6.5" (165 mm) saw blade projection

36 HP (27 kW) - 3.800 RPM main motor, 3 HP (2.2 kW) - 5,500 RPM scoring motor.

Saw Carriage:Variable saw carriage travel speed 16 - 492 FPM (5 - 150 MPM), constant return of 492 FPM (150 MPM).

Pusher Fence:Programmable overhead program fence, rack & pinion driven on both sides; forward speed from 0.3 - 262 FPM (1 - 80 MPM), constant return speed of 262 FPM (80 MPM);


The Schelling turning device enables automatic execution of head cuts and longitudinal cuts without interruption. Each necessary rotation is executed in 90 degree increments, in this regard it adapts the rotational speed to the book height and ensures short and highly-precise machining cycles. The turning device is designed for automatically loaded cut-to-size saws and angular plants.


Pusher fence with (9) material gripper clamps, clamps open to 6.91" (150 mm). (3) Electro-pneumatic aligning devices for feeding from lift table.

Operator & Machine Control:Schelling ”MCS Evolution“ + Windows "7" operating system. TFT 17" Screen displays cutting dimensions & patterns with "REAL TIME" moving graphics. Schelling &l squo;s easy-to-operate & rdquo;

.Self explanatory operator guidance particularly eliminate operating errors, therefore increasing availability and machine efficiency.

Self-diagnostic, data input by keyboard or direct downloading from office PC is possible.

 Rear Lift Table: Electronically controlled scissor-lift type lift table 169.2 (4,300 mm)" x 63" (1,600 mm), 9,900 Lbs (4.500 KG) cap.; max. bunk height 27.5" (700 mm) without a pit or risers, 32" (813 mm) max. bunk height with 7" (178 mm) pit or risers;

 Complete with:(3) Front mounted air flotation tables with (1) central blower; Work piece side-aligner with 86" (2,200 mm) stroke; Precision crosscut fence 98" (2,489 mm) long.Rear material support rails with non-marking rollers. Perimeter safety fence & devices with man-height sheet metal panels & wire screen windows.

Options Include: (2) Rear, side infeed-outfeed roller transfers as pictured with fork cut-outs, 169.2 (4,300 mm)" x 63" (1,600 mm).