Weinig Powermat 1500 Moulder


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ModelPowermat 1500 Moulder
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Weinig Powermat 1500 Moulder

7-head Machine

Manufacturer specs (to be confirmed):

Operating voltage (single) 460 Volt, 60 Cycles 

Tool arrangement no. 013                                               

Working width 20 - 230 mm                                              

FIRST BOTTOM - Motor 11 KW (15 HP) / 1 13/16" / 6000 rpm               

Marathon coating for table insert                                      

RIGHT VERT - Motor 11 KW (15 HP) / 7000 rpm                            

Diameter 40mm                                                          

Setting range axial 80mm                                               

LEFT VERT - Motor 11 KW (15 HP) / 8000 rpm                             

Vario hood (2 axes)                                                    

Pressure shoe in front of left, incl. 2 lateral rollers, spring-mounted

Setting range of the feed rollers opposite left tool holder            

Pressure roller from above, pivoting, spring loaded                    

Axial / Radial CNC-controlled adjustment                               

SECOND RIGHT - Motor 11KW (15 HP)                                      

Fence lip before and after the right vertical spindle       

Axial / Radial CNC-controlled adjustment              

FIRST TOP SPINDLE-MOTOR 22 KW (30HP) - 7000 rpm       

Vario Hood (2 axes)                                   

Split pressure shoe in front of top spindle with      

Axial / Radial CNC-controlled adjustment              

SECOND TOP - Motor 18.5 KW (25HP)/ 7000 rpm           

Split pressure shoe in front of top spindle           

Axial / Radial CNC-controlled adjustment              

Top spindle prepared cassette system.                 

LAST BOTTOM - Motor 22 KW (30 HP) / 7000 rpm          

Adjustment range axial & radial                       

FEED SYSTEM - Motor 7 KW (9.5 HP) / 5 - 40 m/min.     

Feed roller in front of 1st bottom, pneumatic up-down 

Electrical up-down adjustment of the feed bar         

Two interior lights in the safety hood                

Remote Lock out / Tag out                             

Lateral pressure roller at the infeed table, spring-mounted                     

Guiding fence after the left vertical spindle 6 mm thick                        

PowerCom Plus                                                                   

Improved sound insulation                                                       


MACHINE CHANGE: 06.10.2019 - Please be aware that the VarioHood assembly on the 

1st Top Spindle was moved to the 2nd Top Spindle position. The 2nd Top Standard 

Hood was moved to the 1st Top Spindle Position. This move will impact the parts 

relating to the Aspiration Hood, ChipBreaker and Pressure Shoe elements. Please 

use caution when looking up replacement parts. This machine change was performed

by WUSA technicians