Thermo Modified Wood Kiln



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ManufacturerThermo Modified
ModelWood Kiln
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CMS represents Big on Dry (BOD) Thermo Wood Kilns in the USA. This system is another on elf our customers in the USA who is producing mostly poplar and oak decking.

Big on Dry has improved the Thermo-Modification process with their THERMOWOOD (THW) line and provides complete "turn key" systems.

The PLC control systems allow programming for a wide variety off wood applications. This allows the same systems to work with very delicate wood that is hard to treat to thicker wood that will be used for outdoor products.

The THW system can also be used as a conventional kiln with steam. Basic systems include:

  • Kiln completely built with stainless steel and aluminum
  • Initial humidy of 10-15% is reduced to 5-6%
  • Loading options: Side or Trolley
  • Heating options: Gas or Wood Burner
  • Humidification: Combined Spraying System