Cameron Automation Flooring Nester


Northeast US

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ManufacturerCameron Automation
ModelFlooring Nester
Stock Number010541


This is a two year old system. The seller changed their machinery footprint and no longer needed. This system is meant to package material to bring to another line, not for shipping.

Designed to nest/stack/pack up to 36” in height

This system consists of the following components

(1) Cameron Automation

Scoop lifter system for material up to 6” in width

Dual length measurement sensors

Cameron Automation Computer

(1) Cameron Automation Plywood Kicker

(1) Cameron Automation Plywood Belt Driven Roller Conveyor

Produces bundles up to 15” wide x 36” high

Includes the big bundle nester option

General specifications:

Flooring lengths from 8” to 8’6”

Flooring widths from 1½” to 6”

Flooring thickness from 3/8” to 1”

Pack width: up to 46”

Production capabilities:

55 lineal feed per minute

Capable of (36) 7’ bundles per hour

5,000 sq. ft. per shift

Semi-automatic infeed approximately 31’ long


Operating voltage: 440v, 3PH