Hewsaw SL250 Trio Chip and Saw



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ModelSL250 Trio Chip and Saw
Stock Number010515


HewSaw SL250 Trio sawing line from 2005

This line has already been dismantled and loaded into containers. It is ready to ship!

  • Consists of log positioning devices, conveyors

and three sawing machines. HewSaw sawing line is designed to process logs ranging from 100 mm – 420 mm small end diameter, to 550 mm large end diameter, with length 2.4 - 6.2 m

  • Feeding speed of the sawing line can be adjusted from 50 m/min to 150 m/min.

Top diameter: 100–420 mm

Maximum log diameter: 550 mm

Cant height in Chipper Canter: 75–410 mm

Cant width in Chipper Canter: 75–410 mm

Cant height in Rip Saw: 63–310 mm

Cant width in Rip Saw: 75–410 mm

Saw kerf: 4.2–5.0 mm

Chip length: 20–30 mm


1. Measuring conveyor

2. Log scanner

3. Log positioner

4. Chipper canter

5. Cant scanning conveyor

6. Cant scanner

7. Cant saw

8. Seperating conveyor EK2

9. Cross conveyor

10. Belt conveyor

11. Cant turner

12. Infeed conveyor

13. Rip saw

14. Belt conveyor

15. Belt conveyors under machines, for waste handling

16. All electric boxes