Kahl 250 HP Pellet Mills



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Model250 HP Pellet Mills
Stock Number010330


This system is part of a project that never took off. The machines are new, never installed:

  • (6) Kahl 39-1000 Pellet Mills
  • 200 kW (268 HP) Motors: Two are wired at 460v, four at 575v. The other 4 can be rewound for a fee.

Manufacturer specs (to be confirmed):

Equipment List

6 Pelleting press type flat die 39-1000

Consisting of:

575V, 60 Hz 110 V AC 24 V DC

  • Divided cast iron case provided with cooling fins in the gear zone
  • Venting port in pellet mill middle part
  • Dust and inlet hood with product distributor and a venting port
  • Main shaft with thrust and radial bearings
  • Pan grinder head with scrapers and pan grinder rollers made of flame hardened steel
  • Temperature measuring of the die
  • Spring assembly, stainless steel
  • Spacer rings
  • Discharge unit with special scrapers
  • Worm gear turning in oil bath, worm wheel made of special bronze, hardened worm
  • shaft
  • Fan pulley
  • Oil pump to lubricate the main bearings, with oil filter, pressure device and thermometer

6 Three phase induction motor

For the drive

  • Voltage: 575V
  • Motor power: 200 kW at 1,800 RPM
  • Drive shaft 90x170mm
  • Protection class: IP65, motor type B3
  • Bearing suitable for 18 kN @ x=136mm
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • 12 tension rails

• Two pieces per motor

6 Drive accessories for the pelleting press

Consisting of:

  • V-belt pulley
  • V-belts
  • V-belt guard, steel construction, lateral walls with special air guiding plates,
  • indispensable for pelleting press cooling
  • 6 Roller gap control, type Distamat
  • For continuous adjustment of the roller head via the hydraulic nut Consisting of:
  • Hydraulic system for the press
  • Valve control
  • Electronic elements for transforming the measuring signals
  • Output: 4 – 20 mA = 0-5 mm
  • 6 Central slip ring seal air cleaning
  • For protection of the pan grinder roller slip ring seals during operation of the press Consisting of:
  • Air distribution with piping and coupling
  • Hose with central air connection to the pressed air

6 Oil coolers for the press

Designed as oil-to-air heat exchanger Consisting of:

  • Oil-to-air heat exchanger
  • Oil pump
  • Hose connections
  • Temperature controller
  • 6 Press outlet box 39-1000
  • Stainless steel design Equipped with:
  • Reversing flap
  • Inspection opening
  • Control socket
  • Aspiration connection, venting port
  • Pile up indicator
  • 1 Spare roller head for the 39-1000
  • Spare, for easy and quick exchange of the roller head
  • 6 Automatic press control, type EAPR
  • Allen Bradley
  • For automation of pelleting line
  • Enclosed design, wired ready for connection according to IP 65 Consisting of:
  • Control and monitoring of all drives and units belonging to the line
  • Load dependent control of the pelleting press
  • Min/Max current monitoring of the pelleting press
  • Slippage monitoring of the pelleting press
  • Throughput control (t/h)
  • Visualization of the line on a graphic operator panel
  • Preselection of the process parameters at the OP
  • Fault and alarm messages at the OP
  • Start/stop buttons for direct activation of the main drives
  • PLC control system with interlockings for manual and automatic mode
  • Analog display for press current and hydraulic pressure