Vantec Double Arbor Gang Rip Saw


Southeast USA

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ModelDouble Arbor Gang Rip Saw
Stock Number009904


Multirip circular saw for block cutting, with reinforced structure and high production speed. Trailed top and bottom rollers, upper rollers with adjustment, shafts with cartridge system for quicker and more efficient replacement of the set of saws, U-beam base with levelers and central lubrication. It does not come with the circular saws.

  • Maximum inlet width: 600 mm;
  • Minimum inlet height: 70 mm;
  • Maximum inlet height: 160 mm;
  • Double arbor: Ø 80 mm;
  • Number of saws per axle: 10x;
  • Exterior saws Ø: 350 mm interior saws
  • Ø: 110 mm;
  • Upper press rollers: 2x;
  • Bottom rollers: 6x;
  • Max. Feed speed: 35 m L / min for logs
  • 160mm above in diameter;
  • Max. Feed speed: 40-50 m L / min
  • only for logs 130-160mm in diameter;
  • Lower main motor indicated: 200 hp 2p (1x) Included;
  • Top main motor indicated: 150 hp
  • Main motor belt: 4 / 3v (8 Pcs);
  • Motor traction of the rollers: 5 cv 4p; 
  • Gearmotor: GS (crown and pinion);
  • Length: 3366 mm;
  • Width: 2782 mm;
  • Height: 2233 mm;
  • Approximate weight: 5.470 kg