Vantec 9' Veneer Auto Stacker


Southeast USA

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Model9' Veneer Auto Stacker
Stock Number009902


The Vantec Veneer Auto Stacker, ELV 1.82B is a Vacuum stacker for 2800 mm Veneer lathe. It is fitted with double stacking system (04 bins), with four veneer transport lines and four 5hp exhausters. with of two stoppers and eight ejecting arms. With drive Panel, VSD for exhaust fans and hydraulics lifting tables.

Min veneer sheet length sheet: 2300 mm;

• Max veneer sheet length sheet: 2700 mm (or Two sheets of 1350mm);

• Min veneer sheet width: 800 mm; 

• Max veneer sheet width: 1500 mm;

• Max height of stacks: 1000 mm; 

• Exhaust motor: 10 hp 4P (8x);

• Inlet conveyor motor: 2hp 8P;

• Transport conveyor motor: 6hp 4P; 

• Hydraulic pump motor: 5hp 4P (3x);