Vantec Tension Blade Rotarty Veneer Clipper


Southeast USA

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ModelTension Blade Rotarty Veneer Clipper
Stock Number009901


The Vantec Automatic Rotary clipper is designed to clip 2800 mm veneer sheets into specific sheet sizes as per the auto stacker preselection. It comes with electronic drive panel, automatic gauge system, positioning of clipper knife by Servomotor and encoder. It is de- signed to work with one tensioned clipper knife with gear motor. It also comes with a 2 HP motor on the output. The clipper knife is not included.

  • Veneer Thickness : 1 to 4 mm;
  • Max. Log: 2.750mm;
  • Minimum veneer width cut: 800 mm;
  • Max. Veneer length cut: 2700 mm;
  • Min. Veneer length cut: 700 mm;
  • Min. Venner rounding length: 150 mm;
  • Rotor gear motor: helical gears;
  • Clpper rollers power drive: 4 hp 6P;
  • Outlet conveyor Motor: 2hp 4P (input) 1 hp 8P (output);
  • Clipper Servomotor: 40 Nm (2x);
  • Width: 4800 mm;
  • Length: 6000 mm;
  • Height: 1700 mm;
  • Approximate weight: 7.000 kg