Vantec 9' Veneer Lathe


Southeast USA

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Model9' Veneer Lathe
Stock Number009900


The Vantec 2800mm Spindleless Veneer Lathe is designed to process veneer for plywood production from both hard and soft logs. Its metal tempered grooved rollers and lathe knife inclination system work perfectly to make sure there will always be a precise contact area between the lathe knife and the log during the peeling process by eliminating vibration that could cause damage to the Veneer sheets. Vantec Spindleless lathe proves its efficiency by delivering consistent thickness variation and a impressive top linear speed of 180 m/ min throughout the peeling process for face or core veneers with smooth surfaces.

  • Log diameter up to 600 mm;
  • Max log length: 2750 mm;
  • Min log Length: 2300mm; (with stacker)
  • Min log length:1800mm (no stacker);
  • Veneer thickness: 1.0 to 4.0 mm; (Pine and eucalyptus);
  • Log core after peeling: 40 to 45mm;
  • Maximum linear speed 180 m/min;
  • Drive panel included;
  • Each motor is individually connected by a Variable Speed Drive for torque control in two points of traction on the rollers to pre- vent excessive load on tip ends;
  • Log Central aligner with maximum of 2200 mm of movement;
  • Pneumatic scriber Knives (02 fitted on the sides to cut in width and 01 in the Center to cut the length);
  • Width: 7640 mm;
  • Length: 3400 mm;
  • Height: 2550 mm;
  • Approximate weight: 14000 kg.