Vantec 9' Veneer Debarker


Southeast USA

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Model9' Veneer Debarker
Stock Number009899


Equipment designed for debarking/rounding of logs for veneer production. This debarker is capable of processing logs from 120mm to 735mm diameter. It is fitted with metal tempered grooved rollers to press/rotate the log against the lathe knife. The log carriage moves on skates and linear guides through hydraulic cylinders. It has a rack and pinion system that ensures the alignment of the carriage. It also comes with the drive panel, but it does not come with lathe knife.

Maximum Diameter capacity (logs with • bark): 735 mm; 

Maximum diameter for de- • barked/rounded logs: 600mm; 

Minimum diameter for de- barked/rounded logs: 120mm;

Max. log length: 2.800mm;

Min. log length: 1.800mm;

Rail Skids: 65 model;

Rollers gear motor: GD (helical gears); Approximate weight: 9.000 kg;

Power consumption: 35HP,

Power of the rollers: 50cv 4p (5cv + 20cv); Cylinder diameter: 50mm;

Lead Lime: 270 days

Hydraulic unit: 210 l;

Motor unit: 10 hp 4p;

Hydraulic pump: 60 l / min;

Width: 7.000 mm;

Length: 2.840 mm;

Height: 3.100 mm;