Vantec PT1000/R10 Horizontal Drum Chipper


Southeast USA

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ModelPT1000/R10 Horizontal Drum Chipper
Stock Number009898


This Drum chipper is used in production of wood chips from logs and wood residues (slabs, board off cuts, veneer waste). It has a toothed driven roller system that allows an efficient infeed of the material, rotor with interchangeable thread locks and with a disposable steel plate in the front of the rotor, hydraulic nose-bar/anvil extractor, infeed conveyor with rubberized belt and hydro-pneumatic unit to lift the chipper/rotor lid. (maintenance). It comes with 01 set of blades and 01 nose-bar/anvil. Does not come with outlet conveyor.

  • Inlet width: 1000 mm;
  • Nominal chip size: 23 - 30 mm;
  • Inlet Height: 450 mm;
  • Main Motor indicated: 300 hp 4P (2x);
  • Rotor diameter: Ø 1000 mm;
  • Soft starter drive panel;
  • Shaft diameter: Ø 220mm;
  • Metal detector;
  • Toothed roller: 03 upper and 03 lower;
  • Estimated production: 130 m3/ h; (may vary according to the type of wood and the sharpening period of the knives);
  • Roller diameter: Ø 353mm;
  • Diameter of roller shafts: Ø 100mm;
  • Chipper Screen: 65 x 65mm;
  • Grooved roller: 01;
  • Infeed conveyor length: 5000mm (included); • Driven roller gearmotor: (helical gears);
  • Width: 3 500 mm;
  • Driven rollers motor: 15 hp (2x);
  • Height: 2 100 mm;
  • Main motor belt: Torque-Team;
  • Total length: 10 500 mm;
  • Inlet conveyor speed: 40 mL / min;
  • Approximate weight: 22 700 kg;
  • Number of rotor blades: 03;