1995 Hurst 200 HP Hybrid Boiler


Southeast USA

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Model200 HP Hybrid Boiler
Stock Number009728


Hurst Boiler System

1. 1- Used1995 200HP 150 PSI Hurst Hybrid Vessel

2. 1- Used 1995n refractory lined boiler furnace

3. 1- 8” underfeed stoker system

4. 1- 10” Fuel feed metering conveyor system

5. 1- Overfire air combustion fan with ductwork

6. 1- Underfire air combustion fan with ductwork

7. 1- Multi cyclone flyash collector

8. 1- Induced draft fan with exhaust stack

9. Muti cyclone and ID fan support steel with legs

10. Access platforms to boiler with ladders

11. Hurst open vented feedwater tank with 2 Grundfos feedwater pumps and control panel

12. Blowdown separator

13. Hurst Boiler control panel

14. Boiler piping parts

15. Boiler electrical parts

16.Equipment loaded onto trucks

Optional: Fuel handling and storage supply system:

Walking floor

Vibrating Screen

Screw conveyor Controls