Buhler Aeroglide 13x60 Stainless Steel Drum Dryer with Burner


Southeast USA

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ManufacturerBuhler Aeroglide
Model13x60 Stainless Steel Drum Dryer with Burner
Stock Number009679


There are two drums and burners that will be sold as one package. They are ready for immediate removal:

  • 13x60 Stainless Steel Drum
  • Dual 70 million btu natural gas burners, max thermal output of 42.200.000 kj/h, discharge cyclone, multi-clones, fans with motors, stack, all relating ducting and steel structure.
  • These dryers are fired with natural gas or propane. Main cyclone at discharge of dryer has 3.66m diameter, secondary multicyclones (8/dryer) are 1.07m diameter each, stack is 37m above grade, Volumetric airflow rated 30.68 cubicmeter/second. Equipment plant drawing, manuals and blueprints available when system is purchased.