2020 Pallet Chief II with Deluxe Stacker





ManufacturerPallet Chief
ModelII with Deluxe Stacker
Stock Number009534


Pallet Chief II with Deluxe Stacker

4-Stringer System

Palet size: 30"x30" up to 48"x48"

Includes: (4) Max Nail Guns CN70PAL

Deluxe stacker conveys finished pallets into stacks approximately (15) high and allows for up to (3) stacks of production before a forklift operator is needed to clear the roll out table. 

This allows for continuous pallet production as the ‘nailer’ never has to stop and provides flexibility for the forklift operator as it creates a window of time in which the machine can be unloaded rather than a ‘right now’ work stoppage event.

Machine was used very little as our production needs turn out to be smaller quantities and more variable type work rather than large production runs of the same size.