Precision 400 HP Chipper Chip Plant


West Coast

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Model400 HP Chipper Chip Plant
Stock Number009524


Complete chip plant includes:

  • The infeed is 12’ above ground level. They were feeding it one log at a time with a shovel. 
  • There is a single chain 12” wide  leading to the debarker.
  • The debarker is a Salem 20” ring debarker with mcdiarmond controls.
  • From the debarker it goes through I think is a metal detector. It’s is enclosed, 8’ long with a belt conveyor.
  • 75’ of 3-strand chain that reduces to 2-strand chain for 35’ then goes to another 2-strand chain for 12’ then goes into the chipper. 
  • The chipper is a Precision with 2- 400 hp high efficiency 3 phase motors.
  • From the chipper the chips drop onto a 42”x50’ inclined belt that leads to the 2 deck screen. The screen is 92”x20’
  • The waste goes on a 9”x20’ incline belt and dropped into a truck. 
  • The chips go out on a 3-strand 100’ conveyor (strands are 14” wide) to a radial stacker for loading trucks. The stacker belt is 42”x65’
  • Chips can be redirected to blower unit system that will transport them to a rail siding to so they can be loaded into a rail area. It starts out with 75’ of 12” pipe running on the ground. Then it sweeps straight up to a height of about 24’ and goes 150’ to a siding across the county road. The chip loading facility is intact. 
  • The hog is located back by where the logs are loaded onto the chain going to debarker. Here’s a list of the conveyors going back to the Kockums hog. It has a 24”x36” opening at the top. 
  • Conveyors: 12”x100’, 12”x 25’, 12”x60’. All of these conveyors are 1 strand steel.