1989 Torweege Model H 633


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ModelModel H 633
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TORWEGGE Double-End Tenoner, Model H 633



                        - Length:                                              305 - 3,050 mm / 12” - 120”

                        - Widths:                                              305 - 1,525 mm / 12” - 60”

                        - Thicknesses:                                    12.7 -     60 mm /  1/2” - 2 3/8”


                        Tools:                                                  Not included


                        Working width:                                    3,000 mm / 118 1/8”


Technical Data:


Basic machine consisting of:


- Guidances with motorized width adjustment

- Heavy torsion-free machine frame

- Machine columns

- Chain tracks with automatic lubrication of the guide ways

- Pneumatic and electric basic installation

- Feed speed infinitely variable


Width adjustment:                                           Motorized with adjustment by high precision

                                                                        spindle with spindle lubrication and lubrication

                                                                        for chain sprocket sleeve.


                                                                        Width adjustment speed 2.3 m/min.


Guidances:                                                     Guide elements covered with special slide material


Chain tracks and plates:                                 80 mm (3 1/8”) wide,

                                                                        equipped with replaceable steel guide ways.

                                                                        Chain plates with special cover to protect

                                                                        workpiece surfaces.

                                                                        Surface with PU-cover, slide surface with PE-cover.

                                                                        Lubrication device for sprockets.                                                                               

Top tracks:                                                      With V-belts running on spring-loaded pressure

                                                                        rollers with twin-ball bearings and life-long



Top track speed:                                             Adjustable for faster and slower speed in relation

                                                                        to chain track.


Top track height adjustment:                          With digital read-out.


Electric control:                                               With automatic starting program.

                                                                        Signal lamps at the control panel

                                                                        indicate which motors are preselected.

                                                                        After these motors have started to run,

                                                                        the flashing light turns to continuous light.

                                                                        If a motor protection relay fails, this is indicated

                                                                        by red lamps on the control panel.


                                                                        CONTROL SYSTEM SIEMENS  S5


                                                                        Electrics according to German VDE regulations.

                                                                        Switch elements installed in a separate switch



                                                                        Control elements installed in a separate control




Supply lines:                                                   To be provided by the customer.


Switch cabinet:                                               With supply cables to the machine, placed on or

                                                                        into the floor.  Max. distance to fixed machine side:

                                                                        3 m (cable channel to be provided by customer).


                                                                        Ambient temperature of switch cabinet between

                                                                        0 degrees C and 35 degrees C.,


                                                                        For electrically controlled installations the dust

                                                                        extraction and central pressure connections to

                                                                        Torwegge machines must be non-conducting.


Safety devices:                                               According to the German regulations


Feed speed:                                                    Mechanic gear V 8 - 40 m/min.

                                                                        (26 - 131 ft/min.), steplessly adjustable,

                                                                        motor 4.0 kw (5.4 hp).



Max allowable panel overhang

outside transport chains:                                200 mm / 7 7/8”

Max. height of passage:                                 150 mm / 5 7/8”




-    Enclosure of the machine with TORWEGGE Anti-Noise

     System in the tenoning section

     . Central dust extraction

     . Important reduction of the noise level

     . Increased operation safety

     . Shorter setting times


-    Lights in the enclosed sections of the machine


-    Extension of front loading section by 1,830 mm (72”)


-    Extended lateral fence H 602.026/036


-    18 pairs of chain dogs = chain dogs in every 6th link


-    Automatic chain dog control, max. height of chain dogs = 20 mm (3/4”).           


-    Additional price of max. height of chain dogs = 25 mm


-    Center support with roller track


-    Motorized top track height adjustment indication by digital counter,

     adjustment by push-button, with additional selector switch for

     individual top track adjustment or both top tracks together


-    Working Motors:


     Left/right hand side

     Inside noise reduction cabins:


     First column,                      1/1       Scoring saw 22.07/23.07

     rear side:                                       working from top, with tracing

                                                            device for front workpiece edges,

                                                            laterally and height adjustable,

                                                            motor with saw flange, tracing device

                                                            adjustable according to scoring depth,

                                                            with pneumatic control, without tools,

                                                            motor:                          0.8 kw

                                                            cycles:                         90

                                                            motor shaft:                 dia.   20 mm

                                                            tool acceptance:         dia.   40 mm

                                                            saw blade:                  dia. 200 mm

                                                            workpiece overhang

                                                            max:                            200 mm

                                                            min:                               40 mm


     Second main column,        1/1       Twin hogging motor 10.89/11.89,

     front side:                                       motors top and bottom, installed

                                                            on one support, laterally and

                                                            height adjustable, motor adjustment:

                                                            - bottom motor horizontally +/- 30 mm

                                                                                    vertically           60 mm

                                                            including spacers, without tools,

                                                            motor:                          6.4 kw

                                                            cycles:                         60

                                                            motor shaft:                 dia. 40 x 61 mm

                                                            hogging blade:            dia. 200 - 250 mm

                                                            workpiece overhang

                                                             max:                           200 mm

                                                             min:                              15 mm


     Third main column,            1/1       Free space including electric and

     front side:                                       pneumatic pre-installation


     Third main column,            1/1       Free space including electric and

     rear side:                                        pneumatic pre-installation


1 x 22 kw static frequency transformer, for 60 - 90 cycles and

      3,600 - 5,400 rpm. Including automatic motor braking device


-     Driven outfeed belts 44.66 SO, each one toothed belt at lefthand

      and righthand chain track, driven by main drive shaft, approx.

      570 mm long


-     Electronic control system 1102, A1/S16,

      including electronic width adjustment