Ronning Engineering 10x40 Single Pass Drum Dryer





ManufacturerRonning Engineering
Model10x40 Single Pass Drum Dryer
Stock Number009366


Running Engineering 10x40 Dingle Pass Drum Dryer

System was used under 800 hours

Includes: Trunion and drum drive (no motor)

- Complete with trunnions, bases, gearbox/base (no motor), insulation and endplates. 

- This is a hi-performance design with full panel flighting from Ronning Engineering originally

  set up as a cooling drum. The heat exchange surface is greatly increased with the addition of

  the panel flight for which other standard single pass coolers/ dryers would need to be

  much larger to compete with.

- Originally, this was set up has a cooling drum, but by simply reversing the air flow would make

  it an equally hi performance single pass dryer. This drum was manufactured to flow up

  50% more air depending on products ran or would run with much lower outlet temperatures

  if ran with lower air flows making this much more fuel efficient than a standard single pass.

Ready to load on a truck!