2004 Unisanding Cross Sander with Doucet Return Conveyor



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ModelCross Sander with Doucet Return Conveyor
Stock Number009222


Unisanding Sander model #1109 Cross Sander 2.4.0 k.v. Top sander 1.2.0.v with pressure rolls and vacuum table and Doucet return conveyor, Model BTWB3 Return Convector

NOTE: Conveyor has been sold

Unisanding: UniSander Type 1.2.0.V w/Vacuum & Pressurerolls (Year 2004 bought new in 2006 – in perfect condition):

Machine Measurements: 3324 mm

Width 2040 mm

Height 2030 mm

Technical Specifications:

Sanding motors: 2 pcs. 1,5kW with termoswitch

Feeder: 1 pcs. 1,5kW with termoswitch

Vacuum: 1 pcs. 7,5kW with termoswitch

Height adjustment sanding rolls: 1 pcs. 0,18kW with termoswitch

Height adjustment pressurerolls: 1 pcs. 0,18kW with termoswitch

The sanding speed and the feeder is controlled by frequency adaptors:

Feeding speed: 3-12 m/min.

Speed – sanding rolls: 50-450 rpm