2016 Komar EM-40-W Auger PreCrusher Shredder Compactor


South, USA



ModelEM-40-W Auger PreCrusher Shredder Compactor
Stock Number009072


Komar Industries Model EM-40-W

MFG Specs:

Charge Opening: 76"x75"

Compaction Force: 178,363 Lbs @ 7.5 RPM

40 HP Motor, 480 V

Motors and gear reducers rated for shock load of at least 500%

(2) 14" x 6" diameter high capacity roller bearings with integrated seals

Cantilevered Screw Assembly

Solid 8" forged steel alloy auger shaft tapering to 6"

Flights: 1-1/8" Thick cast alloy steel with 2-1/2" lip and 5" thick compaction

Stand mounted control box

IEC Push Buttons

PLC with anti-jam device, auto reverse and auto full indicators

Auto Chain Lube system

Approx weight 16,200 lbs

Accessories included:

Open indeed hopper flared feed side

Rectangle container adapter