CMS Knows People Looking To Buy

Looking to sell any of these machines? Contact the agent below if you can help these folks out.

Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 ext.101
• Brewer Golden Eagle 2000 Resaw 1-4 Heads
• Brewer Unscrambler
• Cantek or Northtech 24" Double side planer
• Dovetail for Log Cabins - Krusi, Hundegger, Pandu...
• Resaw system with circle saw for reclaimed lumber
• Valon Kone 800 Debarker
Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 ext.101
Debora Dombo
704-288-1904 ext.102
• 2 Head wirebrush machine in Texas area
• 58” disc chipper. 6 knife, horizontal feed, top discharge with 200 h
• Accu Systems M45 wanted in Southwest area
• Bandit 2400 Chipper in Virginia, East Coast area
• BM&M 2 deck screening system
• Bottom profiler for a Newman 510 or 512 planer or whole planer set up
• Cleat/Corner Block machine to cut diff. miters on each end
• Disc Dismantler in Alabama area, not SMART Manuf.
• End Matcher in California area
• Foley Profile Grinder, must do at least 10" in length near canadian
• Kent Single Head notcher
• Looking for a Planer Sander in the PA area, or East Coast
• Looking for a Weeke BHC 250 older machine for parts
• Looking for an Arch Moulder
• Meadows edger under $10,000
• Mereen Johnson 312DC
• Pallet Disc Dismantler in canada
• Pallet dismantler, 1 person style in WI area
• Single End tenoner
• Single Head Notcher in the Utah area
• Smart Band Dismantlers needed ASAP
• Viking 304 or 306 Pallet Nailer
• Woodmizer LT 300 in KY area needed ASAP
Debora Dombo
704-288-1904 ext.102