Flooring Line Infeed/Outfeed

Machine ID: 007983

Year Mfr:

Condition: Good Condition

Location: East Coast

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 Ext: 101
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  • Infeed chain with elevator: Variable infeed adjusts to spped of line.
  • Mekanika Strap Saw and Press:  Holds bundles against the saw and cuts straps.
  • Mekanika Infeed Table: Sets the run rate and panel width.  Controls flow into the sander.
  • Mekanika Infeed Roller: Transfers panels of wood into the sander.
  • Mekanika Outfeed Bridge: Three machines.  Carries product to the individual packing stations based on a repetitive pattern that is controlled by sensors.
  • Mekanika Outfeed Accumulator: Three machines.  Unit folds boxed and allows the accumulation of several boxes at each station before being transferred to the box stacker.
  • Dynaric Strapper Station: Three machines. These units seal the finished box with one nylon strap per machine for a total of three straps.
  • Mekanika Labeling Station: New printer in 2017. Applies product label to boxes.
  • Mekanika Outfeed Stacker: Hydraulic and pneumatic controlled elevator and stacking system that counts the number of boxes needed per lift and allows for final product labeling and seuring of the lift for shipping.
Package infeed
Course separation
Strap removal if needed
Bundle to panel maker
4 panel buffer
Infeed to sander
Outfeed roller conveyor off the final inspection conveyors
Feeds approx 30 feet and options to shift sideways to one of three boxing stations
Three boxing stations with empty box accumulation tables
Full boxes are conveyed to the three automatic strapping stations
Also includes automatic box labeling machine
Boxes outfeed to an automatic Unit builder

Manufacturer Mekanika
Model Flooring Line Infeed/Outfeed
Machine Location East Coast