3S-2 Shape & Sand Machine

Machine ID: 007857

Year Mfr:

Condition: Good Condition

Location: South

Voltage: 220V, 60Hz, 3Ph

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This machine is no longer used at the current facility except for rare projects.  
Manufacturer specs (to be confirmed):
Multi Axes, Multi Function CNC horizontal machining center.
Designed to perform (4) operations to produce cabinet door panels . The 3S will size, square, shape and sand cabinet door panels.
Equipped with (2) shaping spindles, (2) 12 Position tool changers, (2) sanding units and (1) sawing unit.
Shaping Spindles: each has a 14 hp, 208/230V, 3 ph motor and utilizes HSK type tooling (3-Axis positioning)
Tool Changers are post mounted and shaper units travel back for tool exchange.
Sanding Units: Each has a 3 hp, 208.230V, 3 ph motor
Variable Spindle Speed from 600 to 1500 rpm (HSK Spindles)
Manual positioning on the Z axis, travels in the X-axis with the shaping spindles, Sanding Spindles tilt manually from 0° to 20° with digital read-outs.
Saw Unit: 5 hp, 208/230V, 3 ph motor
Designed to trim oversized panels to length prior to the shaping and sanding functions. Saw will handle up to 5" (width use) material in a single pass, multiple passes can be performed if material exceeds the 5" limit.
Work Table/Surface: 60" x 60" x 1" thick aluminum table is CNC controlled in the Y-axis and allows for radius work to be performed.
Mounted on bridge above the table are (5) pneumatic hold-downs.
PC Interface
15" high resolution industrial touchscreen PC for the operator interface to store, recall and run programs.

Manufacturer Accu-Systems
Model 3S-2 Shape & Sand Machine
Voltage 220V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location South