Randomat E

Machine ID: 007423

Year Mfr: 2006

Condition: As Taken From Service

Location: Midwest

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 Ext: 101
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This system was removed from service in working condition and was reported to have approx 3500 hours.  It is ready to load.
Manufacturer specs (to be confirmed): 
1-3/16" Min. - 9-13/16" max. width cap., 10" min. - 98" max. length, 3/8" min. - 1-3/16" max. thickness cap.
Approx. (10 - 12) cycles/Min (depending on part length & width); operates with (2) 13' long x 10" wide powered in- & outfeed belt conveyors, parts are automatically feed & positioned with sensors, and a positive stop to the 1st vertical shaper head; cut cycle is automatic, parts are conveyed past the 1st shaper to a 2nd shaper head, and automatically trims the other end of the part.
IIncludes: Twin 7.5 HP high speed 7,600 RPM shaper motors which pneumatically traverse in tandom for each cutting cycle, PLC controlled conveyor & shaper cut cycle for automatic operation, variable feed speed conveyor line and shaper head advance with led readout on the controls.

Manufacturer Friulmac
Model Randomat E
Year 2006
Machine Location Midwest