Idimatic 66/20

Machine ID: 007390

Year Mfr: 1997

Condition: As Taken From Service

Location: West Coast

Voltage: 230/460V, 60Hz, 3Ph

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 Ext: 101
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This machine was working daily when removed from service in March 2018.  Ready to load!

Edgebanding thickness capacity, 10 -- 50 mm (3/8" -- 2") panel thickness, 60 mm (2-3/8") minimum panel width & 140 mm (5-1/2") minimum length

Pre-milling station with (2) 3 HP -- 12,000 RPM counter rotating vertical milling heads: both with pneumatic jump control, 30 mm spindles and SIKO digital readouts for setup & adjustments, fully enclosed by noise insulated cabin

Front & rear end trims (motors 0.8 HP -- 14,400 RPM each), motors tilt 0° - 12° on horizontal plane, 2nd blade setup allows 45° chamfer cut

Top & bottom rough trims (motors 2.5 HP -- 14,400 RPM each), tilts 0- 30°

Top & bottom fine/bevel/profile multi-function trims (motors 0.9 HP -- 12,000 RPM each), tilts 0°- 10° for bevel and 3 mm PVC corner round (prepared for "quick change" of motors, for interchangeable 2nd set of bevel/radius trim units)

Corner rounding units from trimming leading & trailing upper and lower edge/corners when edgebanding all (4) sides or when edgebanding "soft- or postformed" panels (4 motors 0.8 HP -- 14,400 RPM each), 1" maximum radius


Top & bottom scrapers for up to 5MM thick PVC banding, pneumatic pressure control for scraping knives, digital readouts, overhead PVC filter unit eliminates PVC chips being sucked in by dust collector; top & bottom PVC edge color & surface reactivation unit, hot air blower with temperature adjustment

Top & bottom "oscillating" buffing (0.25 HP -- 1,680 RPM motors), units tilt 0° - 30°.

Multi-function trimmer, corner rounding unit & scraper with "pneumatic exclusion" controlled from operator panel

Function & line control with microprocessor

Microprocessor displays stored data, on/off workstation sequence & trouble shooting diagnostic; data input by alphanumeric keyboard; microprocessor adjusts according to stored programs or input; top pressure beam opening, pressure section position & pressure control, in/out pneumatic sideways positioning of "trim/scrap/ corner round" workstations, on/off sequence of workstation motors

Equipped with automatic strip & coil feed magazine with 3 mm PVC guillotine (9" pack capacity for strips)

8.8 Lbs. capacity overhead granular glue "Quick Melt" hopper feeding compact size, Teflon coated lower applicator glue pot, 1" diameter glue applicator roller, reversible rotation by flip of switch

Pressure section with (1) large diameter (7-7/8") clutch controlled drive roller and (4) jump action, pneumatic pressure idle rollers, horizontal Adjustment w/digital indicator


Hardened steel link feed chain with "anti-slip" 80 mm wide rubber pads

(2) feed speeds 40 & 60 FPM, with 3 HP drive

Manufacturer IDM
Model Idimatic 66/20
Year 1997
Voltage 230/460V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location West Coast