ProfiRip KR 310 M

Machine ID: 007042

Year Mfr: 2006

Condition: As Taken From Service

Location: Southeast USA

Voltage: 230/460 VV, 60Hz, 3Ph

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This machine is no longer needed at the current location.  Ready to load.

  • ProfiRip KR 310 M with 2 movable blades
    Many decades' experience combined with modern technology and production methods guarantee highest precision and performance for RAIMANN machines.  The ProfiRip KR 310 series from RAIMANN's range of high performance and precision gang rip saws has proven its reliability time and again. The heavy basic machine is of extremely robust steel construction with a fixed fence on the right hand side.
    It conforms to European Safety Standards (CE) as well as the German BG regulations for dust protection.  The standard version boasts the following outstanding features:
    Cutting accuracy of +/- 0.005” ensured by pneumatic pressure hood and the cast-iron transport chain which runs on dual v-guiding system, providing superior board control. Includes wear resistant chain dip.
    Fast set-up of arbor with Quickfix blade positioning and Laser-fix pivoting lasers
    Easy feeding thanks to an extended transport chain with spikes.  Just put the board on the chain and it is transported effortlessly into the machine.
    Operator friendly, easy access wide open hood and centrally arranged control elements
    Low maintenance closed transport chain for interruption-free production, automatic chain lubrication and maintenance-free saw arbor bearings
    Safety for personnel provided by 5-fold anti-kick-back protection, and locking safety hood with noise protection
    Standard equipment:
    Saw-blade adjustment unit consisting of
    - pressure board clamping device
    - high performance phenolic pressure board
    2 Speeds for Saw Blade Adjustment: slow motion and fast motion 
    1 fixed and 2 follow-on Lasers 15 mW incl. mounting elements
    Mechanical adjustment, synchronous with the first and second movable head
    Raimann Rip-for-Yield & Rip-on-Demand System 
    with 2 movable heads, consisting of: 
    - positioning system
    - 2 solid adjustment brackets
    - 1 bushing to fix saw blade
    - positioning tolerance +/- 0.005''
    - adjustment speed 3''/sec
    Fast and easy changing of saw blades
    Ball threaded adjustment spindles guarantee long-lasting precision
    Movable control panel
    Electro-motor driven pressure hood height adjustment with push buttons
    Electro-motor-driven saw arbor adjustment with push-button
    Patented Raimann long-lasting and precise Dip Chain – outstanding cutting precision over years and years due to double V-Guides and closed chain link design
    V-belt driven saw arbor allows vibration-free operation, including protection hood
    Frequency controlled feed speed, infinitely variable
    Reduction exhaust hood, made of solid steel plate
    Safety switch at the infeed of the machine for automatic machine STOP in case of oversized boards
    Automatic star-delta-starter with thermal over current relays and EMERGENCY STOP switch at the outfeed side
    Complete machine electrics 440 V*, 3 phase / 60 Hz, manufactured by Klockner Moeller, with  37 kW (50 HP) main motor. Control box fixed to the machine frame
    * Note: allowable voltage fluctuation: +10%/ -5%
    1 Complete machine documentation, 1 set of tools 
    cutting width
    from 1" to 12 ¼”
    outlet width right from saw blade
    7 ¼ ”
    outlet width max.
    25 ½”
    maximum cutting height with pressure board
    3 ¾ ”
    maximum cutting height without pressure board
    4 1/3”
    minimum material length
    17 ¾ ”
    power main motor
    50 HP
    nominal voltage
    440V, 60 Hz, 3 phase
    nominal current
    75 A
    chain width
    13 ½”
    diameter of saw arbor
    65 mm
    saw blade bore 
    80 mm
    revolutions of saw arbor
    approx. 3900 rpm
    saw blade diameter
    min. 9 ¾ 
    max. 15"
    feed speed, infinitely variable
    13’ – 158’/min
    feed motor capacity
    2 HP
    working height
    33 ½”
    required air speed for dust exhaust
    approx. 97'/sec
    required air volume
    min. 2000 cfm
    diameter of suction hood
    11 13/16”
    net weight
    approx. 7500 lbs
    dimensions length x width x height
    8’x 5’x 6’
    Pressure Shoe, Phenolic
    Open design for movable blades. Long-lasting performance and reliable durability.
    Movable Operator Panel
    The movable operator panel is mounted on a roller support which offers advantages when cutting boards of varying lengths.  Thus the unit can always be placed near the operator, incl. 16 ft cable
    Electronic Control Unit  "Proficut II” for 2 movable heads
    This system controls 2 movable saw units (axes) and consists of a programmable controller, battery buffered, memory of 200 values, i.e. 10 cutting programs with 10 values each
    Touch screen to program nominal values
    Twenty big push-buttons, ergonomically arranged, for pulling up the pre-programmed sizes
    Further control keys for all other machine functions such as feed speed, saw ON/OFF, emergency stop, etc.
    Feed regulation, 2 speeds (fast/slow motion) 
    Caution: temperature range between 30°F and 104°F
    Operating functions:
    Single Operation
    - direct input of nominal value with ten-key keyboard 
    - haul function (can be called or not) for the 2nd movable head
    Manual Operation
    - press adjusting key "left run / right run"
    - haul function (can be called or not) for 2nd movable head
    Program Operation
    - punch pre-set nominal values with big push buttons
    - confirmation switch to start adjustment
    - including haul function for 2nd movable head
    Spikes, every 3rd Chain Link (KR 310)
    Ledges with spikes, screwed on to every 3rd chain link. Impact depth 0.020”.  The spikes keep the work piece on the chain and thus guarantee an absolutely parallel board feed and an accurate cut. 
    Pneumatic Pressure Roller System
    Pressure rollers and pressure board are adjusted with pneumatic cylinders, providing a very smooth drive especially for high performance and glue joint operation.
    Driven Outfeed Roller Unit (KR 310)
    Solid driven lower outfeed pressure roller, fixed to the machine frame, beyond the transport chain, assures the material outfeed and helps prevent end snipes.
    Solid non-driven upper pressure roller fixed to the pressure hood and thus height adjustable together with the pressure hood keeps the work piece in place during outfeed transport.

Manufacturer Raimann
Model ProfiRip KR 310 M
Year 2006
Voltage 230/460 VV, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location Southeast USA