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RK1045 Stretch Wrapper

Machine ID: 006968

Year Mfr:

Condition: As Taken From Service

Location: South Carolina

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 Ext: 101
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This system is no longer needed at the current facility.  Ready to load.  The system is dsigned to wrap tubes or pipe product (ie: paper rolls, carpet, piping...).

  • Forklift Loadable 6-Sided Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • Production Rate: 15 Loads per hour (Average 4-minutes per cycle)
  • Max load size: 42" W x 52" L x 78" High skids or pallets
  • Turntable: 42" Diameter, 1-12 RPM
The Compression Wrapper Concept (Patent Pending)
With the Compression Wrapper, loads are first wrapped over the top and bottom, and then around the sides.  One of the big advantages of the Compression Wrapper is the ability to improve product stability and protection while saving time and money over traditional methods.  First, the compression wrapper eliminates strapping; not only does the film hold the load together with more accumulative force, it does so without damaging the load or requiring a top frame.  In addition, the overwrap helps prevent damage to the top of the load from moisture and debris.
Secondly, The Compression Wrapper is also one machine, and with the optional scale package, the compression wrapper may become the only machine ever needed.  Additionally, the compression wrapper is automatic and designed such that the forklift operator never has to get off the forklift, allowing them to do other things during the wrapping cycle.  This benefit allows the forktruck operator to back away from the turntable once a load has been positioned for wrapping, and start the machine using a lanyard switch. Operators are free to do other things in the plant because there’s no operator involvement required except to load and unload the pallets and to change rolls of film. 
The Compression Wrapper is ideal for customers who have consistently sized loads, with exception of load height, and who have low to moderate volumes. 
Recommended Use
The Compression Wrapper is ideal for consistent pallet-sized loads requiring the utmost in protection.  The process has been developed towards reducing or eliminating the need for additional packaging material or handling, thus reducing overall shipping costs.  For example, printing companies’ will not only save materials and labor on the product going out the door, they will also save when damage occuring during shipment is reduced, and the product doesn’t have to come back through the door.
The overwrap process not only provides complete vertical containment, but also provides an even, compressive force which proves extremely beneficial towards reducing the overall package size of condensable materials – thus the name, “the Compression Wrapper”.  In fact, some loads, such as hand-stacked die-cut fabrics, have shown reductions in load height up to 50 % when sufficiently overwrapped.
While the Compression Wrapper may be a great solution for many, it is not a solution for all; by its very design, the Compression Wrapper requires forklift interaction of a skillful and timely variety.  Lantech recommends that customers who purchase a Compression Wrapping System provide dedicated operators who are trained accordingly.
Lanyard Switch
Allows operator control of machine start sequence from forktruck to improve personnel safety and efficiency.
Automated Cut and Clamp (Patented)
For the overwrap process, a wipe arm is used to sweep up the film, cut it, and hold it in position while vacuum clamps are engaged.  For the turntable, a patented clamp gathers a small portion of the film into a rope that is captured in the clamp immediately after the film has been cut.  The clamp slides back to its starting position while holding the film in preparation for the next load.  This particular clamp does not have a wipe down feature.
Power Roller-Stretch® Film Delivery System (Patented)
Lantech's high yield film pre-stretch system is designed with powered, mechanically connected rollers for improved performance efficiencies and operator friendliness.
The Power Roller-Stretch® Film Delivery System is greatly enhanced by the integration of the NIP Roller (Patent Pending).  This roller, connected to the special, textured surface rollers, ensures the consistency of higher, knowable stretch levels, reduces neck-down, and eliminates film slippage and tacktifier build-up problems.  The pre-stretch rollers are closely spaced for greater control of the film, and the integrated control circuitry provides flexibility in regulating the load wrapping force to accommodate a broad range of application requirements.
This configuration provides reduced unit packaging costs from consistently higher film yield without creating load crushing problems from uncontrolled or fluctuating wrapping forces and speed changes from corner passage during load rotation.
A stretch level of 200% is standard with 150% - 300% stretch levels available.  Compatible with all commercial machine grade stretch films up to 10" in diameter, up to 20" web width as standard.
E-Z Thread® Film Roll Carriage
The E-Z Thread roll carriage makes threading the roll carriage quick and easy.  After placing a roll of film on the film post, the operator simply releases the E-Z Thread handle to open the side "gate" of the roll carriage.  A short length of film is pulled out and across the pre-stretch rollers.  The side of the carriage is then closed, and the entire pre-stretch mechanism is threaded automatically.
Includes clear Lexan guarding to keep hands away from the pre-stretch rollers during operation.  Power to the system is de-energized any time the turntable is not rotating for added safety while threading film.
Film Assist
A film assist button provides several seconds of power to the carriage, allowing time to pull out enough film to attach to the load.  A secondary film assist button is located proximate to both Film Delivery Systems to allow for easy and safe film advance.
Reduced Tension Start
Reduce tension starting greatly reduces the chance for film breaks or film release at the beginning of each wrapping cycle.
Two heavy-duty precision bearings are the heart of the Compression Wrapper.  One bearing provides support for the welded steel cantilevered turntable, while the other supports the formed steel overwrap arm.  The Q-Series upright is a high strength, durable steel workhorse surrounded by dependable ABS (Acetyl Butylene Styrene) panels.  These panels increase the machine's durability, make it easier to service and enhance its appearance.
Inside the upright is rugged structural steel tubing with cross member reinforcement.  It is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the industrial environment.
Universal Cantilevered Tongue Turntable
A 4,000-lb. Capacity, universal, high profile turntable is made to accommodate most standard forklifts.  Heavy-duty, passive, film-off wheels allow for robust load removal without the high cost or maintenance of traditional powered types.
Variable Speed 1 - 12 RPM Turntable and Overwrap Arm
Soft start and positive register stop are standard features with the variable speed turntable and overwrap arm.  Soft start cushions the rotation of unstable loads, and positive register stop insures that the turntable and overwrap arm stops consistently in the same position.  Both are belt driven, no maintenance systems, and incorporate a 1 HP, (TEFC) DC Drive motor with brake.
Counterweight Variable Speed Film Roll Carriage
The counterweight roll carriage design is simple, efficient, and requires no maintenance.  It provides the ability to wrap down to the turntable plate if needed.  The variable speed  (1/5 HP, DC) 4" belt and pulley elevator drive system controls the roll carriage travel.  Individual top and bottom wrap counters provide maximum flexibility in programming the distribution of film on the load.
Control Panel and System Logic
Microcontroller based control circuitry offers consistent, and reliable performance.  The control panel is integrated into a sealed control box, and is more durable than traditional push button panels.  Contemporary external touch membrane panel design is color coded to match machine type; blue is used to control the turntable and vertical mast functions, while yellow is used to designate controls for the overwrap arm and clamp.  For example, controls are provided to jog the Film Delivery System up and down, or to rotate the turntable or overwrap arm.  All wiring meets NFPA electrical standards for Industrial Machinery in correlation with the NEC.
Automatic Pallet Height Sensing
Fully guarded non-reflective photocell automatically reads the height of the loads and controls the travel of the film roll carriage regardless of pallet height variations.
Cycle Counter
Mounted on the electrical panel; indicates the total cycles on machine; convenient for monitoring film usage and in scheduling maintenance.
Turntable Jog / Home
Provides easy positioning and squaring of turntable for more convenient load and unload.  Turntable can be jogged to desired position, and then returned to the home position with the simple push of a button.

Manufacturer Lantech
Model RK1045 Stretch Wrapper
Machine Location South Carolina